Monday, April 6, 2020

Round 2 of the Stay at Home Round Robin

I switched over from my paper piecing project to stay on track with the Stay at Home Round Robin quilt. The hostess, Quilting Gail, announced that round 2 is pinwheels, and pinwheels it is.

Stay at Home Round Robin round 2 pinwheels

I may have gone a bit overboard for this round, but I really, really enjoyed creating these corners, 

pinwheel corners for the Stay at Home Round Robin round 2

playing with colors and layouts, and adding spacers that contribute quite the bonus to the design.

Stitching those corners to the center was a bit tricky at the points, as the outer borders didn't line up on my first attempt.

outer borders do not line up at the point

But I soon learned to more accurately pin those corners, and made sure my stitching started in the V where the borders met up, just like joining binding strips together.

outer borders line up at the point

Much better!

Other design tidbits:

the green triangle was sized so the points would line up with the edges of the green piano key pieces,

green triangle points line up the piano keys

the pinwheel points meet up with the inner border, with the addition of the blue spacer fabric,

pinwheel points touch the inner border

and this little frog was the inspiration for round 2's color choices,

colorful frog is the inspiration for fabric color choices

which, we discovered at lunch after most of these corners were assembled, is also on this Costco tortilla bag!

color graphic on tortilla chip bag

With that fun piece of graphic art, I'm thinking this quilt may have Fiesta in it's name, and something to do with a garden or fountain.

I should also mention that hubby wants me to stop now and not add any more rounds - he loves it just as it is. Quilting Gail has announced that the next round is arrows - do you agree with him or should I keep going? And if I do stop, I have no problem starting another quilt!!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I really like everything about what you have dons far. The colours and the design and the precision of your piecing are fabulous! Personally, I think you should keep going, if only because I’d love to see what you come up with next. (grin)

  2. Oh my, is that ever fun! I love the colors and the design. I'd at least audition an arrow, and see what you think.

  3. I love what you've done with this - it must be fun to not really know where it's going to end up. I'd probably go with the arrows just to see where it takes the quilt. With your creativeness, I bet it will be a lot of fun!

  4. I love it like it is, but...I think keep going and see what fun you come up with next!! Great job, Susan!

  5. Hi Susan! Stop and start another. If DH loves it as is why mess with perfection?! Whatever you choose just go with your heart. Thanks so much for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. This is fabulous! I'm not familiar with this type of Round Robin -- thought those were challenges where the quilts are getting swapped around and you're always adding something to someone else's project? You did an excellent job with the pinwheels. Hmmm... The medallion quilts I love best are the ones with LOTS of different borders, so since you're doing this to participate in a challenge activity, I'd keep on adding borders. The challenge level is going to actually increase with each ring of borders, because you have more and more previous choices that act as constraints, needing to be taken into consideration as you decide how best to address the next border in a way that complements the work you've already done. So I'd keep going if I were you!

  7. I love what you've done with your round robin so far. Wonderful colors and great design!


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