Monday, May 18, 2020

White Birches

I have spent the last week doing a massive - and I mean MASSIVE - cleaning up of this blog. Many, many hours of combing through every single post, looking for broken links, editing, and just plain deleting (over 400 posts are gone). 

With this visit down memory lane, today I'm sharing the quilt that started it all - White Birches - and the post that I wrote about this quilt. Notice there's a font size difference - which do you prefer? The large (current) or the small of years past?

Enjoy the first post - the words are original, but the pictures are updated. White Birches is still one of my favorites to display every Christmas! 

I wanted to make a wall hanging to celebrate the Christmas season, and a bit beyond.  Red and green were just not going to do it.  So, while wondering around in JoAnn, I happened across the book "Quilting in Black and White" (affiliate link).  Thumbing through, I fell in love with the White Birches quilt.  Perfect!

White Birches wall hanging quilt

I had plenty of black, grey, and black on white prints, plus a snowflake fabric for the background.  Only problem--the blocks were 9" x 18"!  Way too big for a wall hanging.

Determining that 6" x 12" would work, I figured out the proportionate pieces, and did a test block.  Branches were a bit big, but after taking in 1/4", the blocks looked great, and I was off to sewing!

For the quilting, I did gentle waves that went back and forth, matching up the wave lines on either side of the trunks.  Gives the quilt a nice snowdrift look.

And here's a closer look:

So, if you're looking for a wonderful black and white quilt for the holidays, give this a try!  You can find the pattern in Quilting in Black and White (affiliate link).

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I prefer larger font to read with ease

  2. Much prefer the larger font - many quilters are older (including myself) & the eyes aren't as good as they used to be (along with everything else!). Thank you for asking. LOVE your black & white quilt...absolutely gorgeous, and the pops of color from the cardinals are perfect! Deb E / CA

  3. What a pretty quilt! There's just something about black & white quilts with a pop of red. I have to admit the larger font is easier to read with my aging eyes (sigh).

  4. larger font is so much better with aging eyes. I love the quilt. After 10 years living in Oregon, we are now in Alabama and have cardinals visiting our feeders. I had missed seeing them so much.

  5. Well, we are all getting older ya know. Older eyes like large. The White Birches quilt is a classic and I would think, never go out of style!

  6. Definitely prefer the larger font. I'm curious about your reasons for deleting over 400 posts.

  7. I prefer the larger current font. I have to tidy up my blog, but the thought of the work involved keeps me from doing it. LOL

  8. This quilt is gorgeous. I made that block, too. It is in an unfinished pile somewhere as it was a store sample. The larger font is better.

  9. Larger font please, I notice it on other blogs when the font is smaller. I normally think they must be a younger person. White birches is beautiful!


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