Monday, May 4, 2020

Stay at Home Round Robin Quilts

Yay! Two new finishes to show! Both of these quilts are from the Stay at Home Round Robin quilting diversion, hosted by Gail of Quilting Gail. The event has now wrapped up, and it's time to show my creations!

First up, is Fiesta Garden,

Fiesta Garden by QuiltFabrication

adding quite the pretty punch to this area of my garden. Both hubby and I are quite pleased with how this turned out. His begging me to stop after the pinwheel round was a good decision. This wall hanging finishes at 39" x 39", a perfect size.

As for the quilting, nothing was pre-planned. I started with the pinwheels, keeping things simple, but knowing I wanted leaves in the green areas, 

Fiesta Garden quilting by QuiltFabrication

and some way to represent water in the blue center. I consider that area a pond, with water spraying from the center. Therefore, pond ripples.

Fiesta Garden quilting closeup by QuiltFabrication

I also muted the glaring white around the pond by quilting a dense yellow stipple - worked like a charm! We consider that a sandy walkway around the pond.

Fiesta Garden quilt full on by QuiltFabrication

Now for the second quilt, The Moon and the Stars.

The Moon and the Stars by QuiltFabrication

This was started half-way through the event, and also used pieces leftover from other quilts. With lots of star fabric to choose from, it was my main focus for two days so that hubby wouldn't put the breaks on it too. This quilt has all of the rounds, and measures 44" x 44".

Quilting on The Moon and the Stars is a star pantograph,

The Moon and the Stars quilting by QuiltFabrication

and even the back is full of stars.

The Moon and the Stars quilting and backing by QuiltFabrication

Some child will be over the moon and the stars to snuggle with this one!

Just want to say thank you again to Gail for hosting this round robin event - I had a lot of fun!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love the colors you used in both of them - that first one so bright and bold - love it

  2. Those are both beautiful quilts!

  3. Two winning quilts! Looks like they were fun to make.

  4. Wow...both versions turned out amazing. I wrote down all the various items for the round robin, but I never did find time to start. Maybe over the summer.

  5. Hi Susan! I would swear that Fiesta Garden's center was actually three dimensional the way the ripples look. SO very cool. Also, that yellow threaded stippling looks just perfect surrounding the water. I thought I couldn't possibly anything better than your first offering until I got a look at The Moon and the Stars. The quilting on that one is just perfect as are the stars on the backing. Great job. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Susan! You are just too talented! Such beautiful work. Colors are excellent and selection in each color way is perfect! Hugs

  7. Hi,
    Awesome quilts! Love the Fiesta Garden quilt. So
    colorful...Have a great day!

  8. I love your interpretations of the Stay At Home Round Robin. I am still trying to finish my star blocks to add to the bottom edge and then a thin border and the top will be done. The quilting, well, who knows about that! LOL

  9. These are both fabulous, Susan! I love how you quilted the water ripples in your "pond" and the leaves look great in the green areas. That's a great tip about using dense quilting in a different color thread to "tone down" or otherwise alter one of the fabrics in your quilt top if you're not wild about it.

  10. Those are both so great!!! I really like the ripple of water effect on the first one!!!

  11. Such a bright garden quilt! I love the look. I’m fond of the moon and stars one also! Both just gorgeous,

  12. Your quilting is gorgeous, and I love how you have interpreted all of the areas on each quilt. Using thread colours to tame stark areas is great advise. Thanks for sharing at the Chameleon's Colour party.

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