Monday, June 8, 2020

RSC2020 June Blocks

My heart is all a-flutter! The June RSC color is my favorite - pink!

pink scrap pinwheel quilt block

Yep, another 12.5" pinwheel block to add to the collection. This one would probably look great next to last month's olive green.

Winston photo bomb

Wait! What happened? That rascally kitty, Winston, photo bombed my pinwheels!
Here's what that combo really looks like.

pink and green pinwheel blocks
Hmm, quite pretty! But I didn't think so back when I was 12. We were moving into our new house, and my mom wanted to decorate my bedroom in pink and green. Being an obstinate pre-teen, I said no way! and we did the room in rust and green instead. Oh so stubborn, trying to break free and make my own decisions. But really, what the heck was I thinking? Though I love orange, it's not a color that I wear well, which took me years to discover. Finally, sometime in my mid-20's, I figured out I look best in pinks - sorry I was such a pain mom.

Anyway, back to the scrap blocks. Piecing together small bits of fabric to make blocks, or sometimes even larger hunks that get cut to size, with or without a foundation, is one of my preferred ways to use up scraps - I've made many quilts with this technique. My all-time favorites include Scraplicious Floribunda

Scraplicious Florabunda wall hanging by QuiltFabrication


Regatta scrap quilt by QuiltFabrication

Crumble Jumble Blue baby quilt

Stitching little pieces together to create a larger piece is so rewarding: not only do the scraps disappear, but the resulting fabric has more dimension, and a deeper, more interesting look to it. Wouldn't you agree, seeing these square blocks?

scrap square blocks

I do wish I could spend more time with my overflowing scraps right now, but I must move on to the Zen Garden quilt. Maybe next month?
Happy Quilting!

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  1. Piecing scraps together is something you do well! I love your RSC2020 blocks and all your quilts! We have a kitty that looks just like yours! He’s our baby boy. Once upon a time, a feral kitten, he’s not the friendliest, but he loves us in his own way.


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