Monday, June 1, 2020

Seafarer - Bon Voyage!

After 10 weeks in port, replenishing, rejuvenating, and charting his next expedition, Seafarer has set sail on another voyage.

Seafarer quilt pattern by QuiltFabrication
Seafarer's last journey was a year's long exploration of the southern Atlantic Ocean, specifically spending his days in South America's only land locked country, Paraguay. Somehow, the Seafarer sailboat managed to travel inland, magically making it there and back from that little country, shown in red on the map.
map of Seafarer's journey to Paraguay
Due to both hot weather, and the lack of open water, instead of further exploration, Seafarer spent his time educating the local population about diabetes and hypertension. Unfortunately, his work was cut short due to the world wide pandemic.

Seafarer quilt pattern from QuiltFabrication

Seafarer's return trip from Paraguay was fraught with numerous perils, as his new Paraguayan companion, Po, required special paperwork to come to the USA. Being an incredibly adorable 3 month old puppy worked in his favor, as he charmed all he came in contact with.

Po the Paraguayan puppy

Now at 6 months, he's joined the neutered club, and is not letting that cone distract him from a new escapade. Full of adventurous spirits and the willingness to explore, the forever companions Seafarer and Po have set off and are eager to start the next chapter in their lives. 

This time, Seafarer's expedition involves the northern portion of the Atlantic Ocean, along the North American coast, with a trip distance far shorter and less fraught with hazards, limitations, and paperwork, than his first. 
Seafarer's North Atlantic adventure
With summer just starting to heat up, and some re-opening of the country from COVID-19 shut-downs, Seafarer's journey should be fairly smooth. Once he arrives in port, his mission is to aid in the fight against COVID-19, researching the virus for the development of a potential vaccine. Let's hope that his work is successful!

If you've followed for awhile, you'll recall Seafarer is a quilt pattern I designed and made for my son before he departed for his Peace Corps assignment. I was so happy when he (and the quilt) came home this March. And now I must say good-bye again to both, though this time his east coast port will make it much easier to visit. I'm sad to see him (and the quilt) go, but I know that this is a fantastic opportunity for him, and I wish him all the best.

I'll sign off with my usual,
but in my heart, it's really
love you, mom
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  1. Vaya con Dios, Seafarer and Po.

  2. How nice that you got to see him and glad he is closer to you. What Eastern port is he in?

  3. Oh what a journey - and what a big heart your son has!

  4. Lovely quilt, a beautiful gift! He will enjoy his sailing for sure, and his quilt too ;)


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