Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Family is the Heart of Home

Welcome to another month of Quilt Block Mania! We have over 25 designers participating this month, with each offering a block for the month of October. The theme this month is 'Family'. I've designed a very modern block, Family is the Heart of Home, complete with a great family story. The little pincushion birds should be a clue.

green birdhouse with black roof and three hearts plus two red birds

Back in April, we were thrilled to have a pair of Western Bluebirds choose one of our birdhouses to build their nest. This was the first time I had seen this bird species in the yard, so this was quite the honor. 

bluebird outside a birdhouse

Of the five decorative birdhouses we have, they chose the one above, probably because of it's easy access to a nearby fence and food sources beyond. It also gave them a great spot to keep an eye on the growing family.

bluebird sitting on a fence

Each day, I would grab the binoculars and peer at the birdhouse through the bathroom window, which is approximately 25 feet straight across the yard from the nest. 

We loved hearing their demanding chirps, which got louder when they knew Mom or Dad was close by. They would crowd the opening to get whatever food was being served. It was fascinating to watch these parents take care of their young, even cleaning out the nest.

Just how many were there? Early in their nesting stage and when I knew both parents were gone, I peeked inside with a flashlight and counted five eggs. Prolific! 

But that doesn't mean they all survived. Ultimately, 3 babies died, but 2 fledged, with one hopping around in the yard for a day before making it high into a tree. Below is a grainy picture of him, taken through the screen of another window - he's only about 8 feet away from me, sitting on cement, and taking a rest in between flight trials.

just fledged baby bluebird

It was such a joy watching this little family, and I was sad to see them go. But I have hopes for next spring! We have 3 new birdhouses, supposedly for bluebirds, and we currently have had 3 bluebirds visiting a watering dish. The outlook is promising!

bluebird birdhouse on a fence

Along with the 3 houses that are meant for nest building, I also picked up this modern decorative one, replacing a log cabin birdhouse that was deteriorating. Who knows, maybe they'll choose this one instead.

modern cream colored decorative birdhouse

And it's this new modern birdhouse that I have based my Family is the Heart of Home quilt block design upon. It has the love of the family of bluebirds represented by the hearts, 

and the given Design Seeds palette to coordinate with all the other October Family blocks for one great looking quilt.

My easy Family is the Heart of Home quilt block is both beginner friendly and fat quarter friendly. The pattern includes 12" and 8" block sizes, plus applique templates for each. See the Family is the Heart of Home quilt block pattern, in two colorways and sizes, in my Etsy shop.

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Edited 11-2020

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  1. what a wonderful block thank you i love bird houses and watching the birds we are putting up bird houses in our yard also

  2. I love birds and birdhouses. Too bad I have to wait for the newsletter to get the block.

  3. Susan, What are the interesting plants in the foreground of the birdhouse?
    Love the birdy pics.


  4. That is a wonderful story, and a terrific block. Thank you, Susan.

  5. That’s a cute block with a wonderful color palette.

  6. How wonderful to have had a nesting pair of bluebirds. I occasionally see Eastern bluebirds for a few days, but not this year. There is an area about 8 miles from our house where a large number of bluebirds congregate.
    Nice inspiration for your block.

  7. What luck to watch the bluebirds nest and grow. Your block is wonderful, too!

  8. Bird watching is so fascinating to me. I have several books on North America Bird that. Thanks for this very uplifting and inspiring post.

  9. Hi Susan! I love this story. How sweet that you were able to get a shot of the little fledgling take a little rest. I sure hope they DO come back in the Spring. I'd say it does sound promising since you have three bluebirds enjoying the bath. This story is absolutely represented well in your Family block. I'm going to check out a few of the other bloggers. Thank you for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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