Friday, January 15, 2021

RSC2021 January Pinks

I've committed again to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021, better known as RSC2021 from So Scrappy. January's color choice is pink, my favorite! This year, I'm approaching this challenge a bit differently, making blocks for a rainbow quilt,

pink quilt blocks with a black center square

and blocks for a pink, black, and white quilt.

pink black and white scrappy quilt blocks

The RSC blocks are put together in a log cabin style, with strips added around a black square and a final block size at 8 1/2".

dark pink and light pink scrappy quilt blocks

I started with a 2" black square in the dark pink blocks, keeping the pinks within a tight value range, adding in some pinks with other colors. For the light pink blocks, the black square was 2 1/2", which I like better and will probably use for most of the rest of the RSC blocks, though I'll throw in the smaller square so the pink blocks don't look out of place.

After six pink blocks for RSC, the dent in the scrap pile on the right was practically non-existent.

pink scrap piles

Time to incorporate some of it into the pink/black/white prints on the left. But what to make?

Wanting to keep the pink/black/white theme going from this bag of scraps purchased years ago at a small quilt show, I discovered a large chunk in the group that's mostly white. Starting with the smallest piece at 6" wide, I cut squares,

6 inch squares from a pink black and white floral print

then subcut triangles, and added strips to the long edge.

pink strips added to black and white triangles

A final square-up at 5 1/2", plus consciously choosing pink or black for the adjoining side, makes blocks that will probably be set to make pink and black scrappy squares. 

pink black and white half square triangle blocks

Notice the two fabrics in the lower left, blacks with either pink dots or pink bows. Those are recent purchases that will make it into this quilt as my black/pink fabrics are more limited than the pinks. 

Though I'm enjoying the sea of pink in my sewing space right now, I'll have to set this project aside for awhile due to other commitments - client quilts, the Stay at Home Round Robin, the Hearts on Fire hop, and a couple of block designs for both Quilt Block Mania and the US States. That's a lot on my to-do list, but it's keeping me out of trouble!

See you Monday with the second round of the Round Robin - are you joining in?

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I am liking your pink and black one!

  2. What wonderful contrast! I guess we will have to wait to see what it becomes, but you have a lot of fun stuff to keep you going.

  3. You made beautiful blocks. And I love that white/black fabric with pink flowers on.


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