Monday, May 24, 2021

Cats, Rats, and Quilts

Thank you to everyone who sent a ton of love on Friday for my cat quilt, Sheba. After what happened later that afternoon, I'm almost inclined to love her more than my own cat, Winston! 

Just look at the picture below - got a guess as to what happened?

cartoon woman chasing a mouse

Yes, that was totally me. I was the epitome of the frantic woman chasing a rat with a broom! 

Granted, Winston was doing what cats do - hunt. He caught a little rat, then played with it for a bit.

cat playing with a rat

In the picture, the rat looks like a goner. I went inside to get a bag to put it in, only to come back to see it escaping to nearby bushes. Then Winston was on the hunt again!

Not thinking he'd find it, I busied myself sweeping up the bird seed that was the initial rat attraction. And lo and behold - he caught it a second time!

And here's my mistake - I had left the screen door slightly open. Winston promptly headed into the house to proudly show me what he had - NOOOO!!!!
Why, oh why do cats do this? 

Then started the frantic broom chasing which only succeeded in scaring that little vermin behind the TV console.  

Now what? Winston was no help, because for him, it was 'out of sight, out of mind'. 

I texted hubby. 
"Coming home soon? I need help getting a mouse out of the house!!" 

His reply - 
" Oh geez, the cats are worthless, eh?" 

I briefly told him the story. 

His reply, 
"Wonderful... tell him to carry it back out" 

I wish it was that easy!!!

My plan was to steer the little critter out from behind the console, but I needed to direct him to the outside. A few pillows, bed trays, plus a few quilts (what a way to use them!) would hopefully send him on his way. Risky, cause he could have climbed over everything!

pillows and quilts to block off the room

The picture above was actually taken after the flush. He came out from behind the console like I wanted, but climbed into an unbeknownst-to-me hole in the back of the speaker box, the part circled in the photo below. Geez!

backside of a speaker

Now I'm stuck, waiting on him and hubby, all the while trying to calm down from a very high adrenaline rush. 

Thankfully, hubby was home within 20 minutes, and thought it great that the pest was trapped in the speaker box. After unplugging and carrying the heavy thing outside, he unscrewed the back panel. We finally found the little offender curled up in batting, way up inside the box. With a few shakes, he was out, scampering away into the bushes again.

But this time, Winston was inside. I told him I'd had enough of his antics for awhile! I know he's proud, but for the rest of the weekend I had more fond thoughts for my cats that don't cause such trouble.

four different black cats on quilts

Yes, I still love him, giving him his tummy rubs and such, but I'm keeping a tighter reign on that screen door!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh man - I can relate. I have a similar story involving a mouse, a winter day, and me in my bathrobe and Birkie sandals. Glad you were able to release the little visitor back into the wild.

  2. Funny story! I've had cats for years and experienced similar adventures. One brought a garter snake to the back porch; thankfully, it didn't get inside!

  3. Hope I'm not insulting you but I laughed so hard! Must be the weather - my Husky flushed out a warren of rabbits last night at 3 am - like a video game of animals popping in and out of the lighted areas. She too got a cookie for NOT eating the bunnies.

    1. Not at all - it was really quite comical! I even laughed at myself, though I certainly would not have found bunny chasing at 3am to be very funny

  4. Sounds like my luck. A few years ago I started a fire in the wood stove and when I opened the bottom to give it air 2 birds flew out into the house. Of course I was frantic and my dogs were going nuts. Well, Enzo was just going along with the much older dog, I don't think he really knew what was happening.

  5. Oh dear! I’m sure all of us can say we are glad to NOT be in your shoes.

  6. Oh, how funny. Cat people can tell great stories. I power cleaned my decks one day. Everything, including the doormat was sparkling. Later, I stepped outside, and whoosh, feathers flying into the house, the doormat a mess with dove "stuff". Of all days to share his snack. Kitties can be sooo entertaining!


  7. I remember when I had my home in the country and a mouse was in the house! I do not like rodents! Never happened again, I called my Father and he came over - amazing how such a rat or mouse can get the adrenaline going! I do not like bugs and he has a big laugh on me because he always tells me - well, that is what the country is all about - bugs and snakes!
    Glad the rat got caught in the speaker - Yes, cats love to show off their catches! LOL. HUGS

  8. Oh that is too funny. Glad you got him out!

    1. Totally hilarious! Don't you just love cats? We had a ground squirrel get carried in from day camp in a backpack. The cat chased it and chased it. So I can just imagine how you were feeling.

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