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Star and Cross Block Tutorial

The folks over at EQ announced the fifth block for the Block Base+ Sew Along - the Star and Cross block, or number 1915b. Here's my Star and Cross version, at a 12" finished square size to keep in line with my previous four blocks.

pink green and blue batik quilt block

At first glance, the Star and Cross looks complicated, considering that those dark pink kite shapes are usually cut with templates. No need for a template in this 12" block tutorial - I've got a different way! 

How is that possible? I like to take the EQ template shapes and redraw them with right angles for easier cutting. In the picture below, I've made the kite into a square, then measured where the cut should be for the kite shape. Now that you know my secret, anyone can make this block!

quilt templates on paper

The tutorial below is for a finished 12" Star and Cross block, with cutting sizes and step-by-step instructions to make one block. 

I've also included an approximate size cutting chart plus pattern adjustments for a 9" finished block. I say approximate because I have not tested the 9" size, so take those measurements with a grain of salt. 

Here's my colored mockup of the Star and Cross block from EQ,

pink green and blue star

and here's the block with labeled parts.

black and white star and cross printout

12" Finished Star and Cross Block Tutorial


Decide which fabrics/colors to use for each part and cut the following to make 1 (one) block:

A     6 (six) 3 1/2" squares for corners
B     4 (four) 1 3/4" x 5 7/8" rectangles for sashing
C     4 (four) 4 3/4" squares for kites
D     1 (one) 1 3/4" square for center
E     2 (two) 5 1/8" x 2 5/8" rectangles
F     2 (two) 5 1/8" x 2 5/8" rectangles

squares and rectangles of fabric

Further subcut the following pieces:
A  -- cut all 6 squares on the diagonal
E  -- with right sides up, cut both rectangles on the diagonal, from lower left to            upper right. Rotate lower triangles for a total of four.
F  -- with right sides up, cut both rectangles on the diagonal, from upper left to            lower right. Rotate lower triangles for a total of four.

C  -- to make the kite shape, work with squares right side up. From upper right corner measure over 3 1/8" along the top and also along the right side. Make a mark at each spot.

fabric and rulers

Place ruler in line with mark and lower left corner. Cut. Repeat for other mark to make the kite shape.

fabric and rulers for a kite shape

Now let's get sewing!

Make the Kite Units

The first step is to add the E triangles, then the F triangles to the kite C pieces.

Using a scant 1/4" seam allowance, stitch all E pieces to the left side of kite pieces C. Be aware that the wide portion of triangle E sits at the point of C. 

kite with a triangle

There is also a very small dog ear of C exposed at the tip. Be sure to stitch right into the crevice that the two pieces make. Press seam in either direction.

pink and green fabrics

Repeat the steps using the F triangles on the opposite side of kite C. On this side, the dog ear is prominent. Press seam in either direction.

pink and green kite

Now there are four kites with E and F side pieces. Do not do any trimming.

Add a triangle A to each side of E and F, checking that the seam lands 1/4" away from the block edge, shown where the stylus is pointing. Otherwise, the point may get cut off when the blocks are stitched together. Proper seam placement is seen at the bottom of the unit.

Press seams toward the A triangles. Add the last A triangle along the top, centering it by making a fold in the middle and aligning that fold with the kite point. 

Be careful not to stitch through the kite point! Press the seam toward triangle A.

pink green and blue kite unit

Trim all four kite units to 5 7/8" square. Yes, that's a odd number but trust me, it works!

Assemble the Star and Cross Block

Layout the kite units with points pointing out. Place sashing strips B in between units, adding in the center square D. Stitch a sashing strip B to the upper two kite units and to the lower two kite units. Press seams to sashing B pieces. 

Stitch square D to remaining two B sashing strips. Press seams away from the center square D. Stitch strip to each kite/sashing unit, nesting seams. Press final seams toward B sashing strips.

9 inch Star and Cross Block

Need this as a 9" finished block? Follow all of the above directions with these adjustments.

Piece sizes to cut:

A     6 (six) 2 7/8" squares for corners
B     4 (four) 1 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles for sashing
C     4 (four) 3 3/4" squares for kites
D     1 (one) 1 1/2" square for center
E     2 (two) 2 1/8" x 4 1/4" rectangles
F     2 (two) 2 1/8" x 4 1/4" rectangles

Marking for the kite shape C is at 2 1/2" along the top and side, from the upper right corner.
Note: the kite shape is slightly larger in this block, as it's easier to mark 2 1/2" than 2 7/16". I tend to err on a slightly larger piece because I'd rather trim a bit away than have a block that's too small.

Trim the final kite units to 4 1/2" square. Assemble the block as above for a 9 1/2" unfinished block.


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