Saturday, May 29, 2021

Hold It Together - It's Paperclip Day!

Did you know today, May 29, is National Paperclip Day? I'm celebrating the humble paperclip, that indispensable office supply, with my delightful Hold It Together wall hanging.

several different colored paperclips on a quilt

Silly, I know, but I had a blast making this wall hanging full of fun, colorful paperclips. Take this wall hanging as seriously as you want!!

Some may see the humor in the Hold It Together statement in regards to paperclips. Some may see it as a representation of our busy lives. And of course, there's always the statement it makes regarding our past year of shelter-in-place. Any way you view it, Hold It Together is charming! 

9 different colored paperclips

Made with applique paperclips and lettering, the arrangement can be however you want. I chose to link the paperclips around in a circle, but they could be formed into a chain, or even a heap - the possibilities are endless! The Hold It Together pattern includes the full size paperclip and lettering applique templates - just print, trace, and fuse.

Now for some closeups. I went a bit wild on the quilting, doodling all sorts of designs. I think the craziness adds wonderfully to the mood of this quilt.

Hold It Together closeup 4

More closeups to show how all the areas are so different.

Hold It Together closeup 2

Hold It Together closeup 1

Here's a super close-up shot.

Hold It Together closeup 3

The border has simple piano keys, leaving all of the attention on the pretty quilting in the center.

Hold It Together border quilting

Don't you just love how black attracts all sorts of fuzz? Seems like removal is never-ending, though nothing that a lint roller won't take care of. I think I'll be able to hold it together!

Happy National Paperclip Day!

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  1. Just fun! Thanks for a little humor and a great project.

  2. This is so cute! Love the multiple meanings of this quilt! Great play on words!


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