Monday, July 12, 2021

Block Base Plus - Block 8 Empire Star

Yay! Finally another tutorial for the last block in the Block Base Sew Along - no paper piecing required on this one. Known as either Empire Star or Star of the West, it also has a Brackman ID number of 3222.  

Interesting block, isn't it? This one has all sorts of coloring possibilities, with my choice as above,

an alternate choice, giving it a whole different look,

and the EQ version.

The following tutorial for a 12" finished block is for the first coloring version, the one I've made. 

No block piecing would be complete with a diagram to follow! Here's the block with labeled parts.

Empire Star or Star of the West (3222)

Materials for one (1) finished 12" block

  • A -- 2 (two) yellow 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" squares
  • B -- 3 (three) purple and 1 (one) green 5 1/8" x 5 1/8" squares
  • C and D -- 2 (two) green 3 1/2" x 11 1/2" rectangles                   
  • E -- 1 (one) yellow 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" square

Cut the A and B squares once on the diagonal. 

Cut the C and D parallelogram pieces as follows:

With right sides together, place the ruler's 45 degree line along the bottom edge, aligning cutting edge with the point. Make the cut. The triangle is scrap.

Measure over 3 3/4" from the point. Make a mark at the edge.

Align 45 degree line along bottom and cutting edge at mark. 

Make the second cut.

Repeat the measuring, marking, and cutting once more for a total of 4 (four) parallelograms and 4 (four) scrap triangles.

Flip the top two pieces over for 2 (two) C pieces, leaving the other two pieces as is for 2 (two) D pieces. 

Label these and add them to the other cut pieces - now we're ready to sew!

Empire Star center block unit

Layout pieces B, in purple and green, plus E, as shown above. Starting at the corners, stitch a purple B to a green B. 

Stitch purple B to each side of yellow E.

Press seams to dark.

Nesting seams, stitch the corner B units to the center B/E unit. Press seams to dark.

Empire Star side units

Layout the remaining purple B pieces along with C, D, and A pieces. Note that the C pieces are top right and bottom left. D pieces are the opposite corners.

Stitch C to B, making sure the dog ears are even on both sides so the stitching goes right into that valley. Press seams to dark.

Add the D pieces to the B/C unit, again with dog ears. Press to dark.

Side units now look like this.

Add the A pieces to C and D, lining up the points and leaving a dog ear at the other edge (image on the right).

For seam nesting on the final step, press the A piece seam attached to C's toward A, and the A piece seam attached to D's toward D.

Add the side units to the center unit, nesting those seams and being careful to land the seam at the point of the center square E.

And here's the unfinished 12.5" Empire Star or Star of the West block!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Beautiful block, and your colors are pretty!
    Thank for the tutorial, I love the different color options too.


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