Friday, September 17, 2021

FREE Fall and Halloween Patterns

Need inspiration for some fall or Halloween sewing? Then check out these 10 FREE patterns, ranging from blocks to table runners, wall hangings, and full quilts. There's something here to suit everyone's fall decorating!

Let's start off with fall, especially those patterns with leaves. The majority of these patterns can be downloaded directly from the links - enjoy!

From Leila Gardunia, there's this pretty scrappy foundation pieced leaf quilt.

Monica Curry Quilt Design is offering another foundation pieced beauty, this time a block, called Autumn Star. 

From AQS, there's this lovely Maple Ridge quilt, with downloads in several parts.

And the National Quilter's Circle is offering your choice of any ONE of these blocks upon signing up for their newsletter.

Those block choices move the free quilt patterns into the Halloween catagory. The majority of these are from designers that contribute to All People Quilt.

There's Bad Apples,


I Spy Halloween,

and Tricks and Treats.

These, plus a few previous posts of FREE fall and Halloween patterns should be enough to inspire!

FREE Fall Quilt Patterns

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Happy Quilting!


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