Friday, September 3, 2021

Doggone Good!

Just look as these puppies, practicing sit and stay! With happy little tails, they're behaving so well, resisting the temptation to grab those toys - they're so Doggone Good!

three different colored dogs on an aqua wall hanging

I've had so much fun creating not only the dog blocks but the whole dog-themed wall hanging. I just love the addition of the dog bones and tennis balls!

dog bone and tennis ball in fabric

Of course, this is all due to National Dog Day last month. It all started with the Good Dog block

black and white dog quilt block

and grew from there to this adorable Doggone Good wall hanging. 

three different colored dogs with bones and balls

Notice the lettering? It's something that doesn't have to go on Doggone Good, as here's a picture without it, before the quilting.

dog quilt blocks along with bones and tennis balls

Personally, I think the words add that extra little punch and really bring on the smiles. Those words can be applied using applique, or TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) (affiliate link). I've used this product before for my Second Life of Quilts project with great success. And this time was no different - printing, cutting, and pressing was fast and easy for perfect results.

TAP transferred lettering onto fabric


Now, who do I have to thank for all of this dog love? My grandpuppy, Po. Born in Paraguay when my son was in the Peace Corps, he's one terrific and very lucky dog. And he always wears bandanas - they make him even more adorable!

border collie dog

With the good dog vibes from Po, I thoroughly enjoyed making the Doggone Good quilt, which somehow includes just about all the necessary quilt skills possible: curved piecing, applique, and paper piecing. None of it is extremely difficult, and actually, it's pretty cool that all of those skills combined to produce these adorable dogs. 

Ultimately, I'll be sending this Doggone Good wall hanging to my son, to decorate his new space in North Carolina, and as a birthday present to Po. It's a nice size, approximately 16.5" x 48", perfect for wall with a narrow space. I could see Doggone Good decorating a lot of vet clinics too!

If you're interested in a Doggone Good wall hanging for a fellow dog lover, the pattern is available at a special pattern launch price, now till October 28. Grab it while dogs still have my heart, cause the very next day, October 29, my love shifts to cats for National Cat Day!

Happy Quilting


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  1. What a great Doggie quilt Susan! Love it! Great finish! Have a great Labor Day weekend. Hugs

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