Monday, September 27, 2021

Orange Bounty

I'm so happy fall is here! Having lived in New England as a kid, come October, fall colors were everywhere. I just had to look out my window to rolling hills of red, orange and yellow fall leaves - all that color is just so gorgeous! 

Though the picture above, near Rutland, VT where I lived, is not mine, you can see how the hills are full of color. Just looking at this puts me in a warm mood and makes me want to dive head first into my fall stash, especially orange - and dive I have! 

Given that I have a few fall projects to get a jump on, I first pulled out my orange scraps to make the September RSC2021 orange blocks.

orange quilt blocks with a off center black square

Don't those look yummy? I think these are by far my favorite RSC blocks this year!

Then I started tackling the smaller orange scraps to make my project for Kelly Young's Scrappy Improv Quilting book hop. Here's some small scraps sewn into pairs, still rough and untrimmed.

Now they're trimmed and looking more respectable.

With more pieces added, they're now suitable for my Fall Foliage project. If you want to learn how to do this, check out my Making Blocks from Crumbs tutorial and video to use up your scraps.

These scrap blocks are around 4-6 inches in size and will be trimmed further to fit the project. The big reveal for Fall Foliage, which is finished, is October 6 and I can tell you it looks great!

Now, I could have kept playing with these scraps for at least another day, but alas, I had to put the scraps and leftover blocks away for awhile. At least now I have a few starts for bigger blocks when I come back to orange the next time.

My last orange project is for the Ghastly Ghouls blog hop, hosted by Just Let Me Quilt, October 18-22. After dreaming of an idea, I drew it up in EQ, then started cutting and stitching.

Looks pretty simple, huh? Right now it's at the decision stage of how big to make it. I have a couple appliques to add that will help determine that, because what get designed on the computer does not always translate well to reality - it's good to check in fabric. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to see the finish on this one until my day, October 22.

And that's all for my orange projects right now. I'll definitely be sad when I have to put them away for another year, cause quite frankly, I don't love orange enough to work with it in the winter, spring, or summer. Can't help it if I'm a seasonal girl! 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I hope to someday visit New England in the fall as I love those colors too!! Looking forward to seeing your blog hop project.

  2. You have such the eye for color and especially you have so many designs in your head. I am almost finished with my UFOs - 2 to do some hand work and I am DONE. I am so ready after 9 months of doing UFOs to start new things. Maybe in 2022 I may try to design a quilt of my own. Hugs


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