Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Benzene Ring for QBM Science

Welcome! The Quilt Block Mania group is playing with science this month! And right up my alley too, as I have a degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. Of course that was years ago, but I do remember my classroom note taking required the drawing of benzene rings. My future hubby gave me a small plastic engineering template to make drawing those hexies so much easier - maybe that's why I married him! 

Nowadays, I let the computer do any hexie drawing that I need, which is how I came up with my Benzene Ring block.

Not that this really matters much, but notice my real block is in a different color palette than the given Design Seeds autumn colors we were to use this month.

That's because I was inspired by this color scheme of my orchids against an indigo curtain, 

and want to ultimately make a quilt using both this Benzene Ring block and my color inspiration. While I have no problem with the QBM palette choice, I just didn't want another orphan block hanging around!

Don't worry though, here's the Benzene Ring block in the Design Seeds palette, which looks quite nice.

dark, medium and light greens make a benzene ring

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My finished 12" x 12" Benzene Ring block includes two methods for sewing the circle. The first and easiest, is to use fusible applique. The second method is a bit more challenging, but I think it looks nicer - an inset circle. It's what I used on my test block. 

For the inset circle, the pattern has full instructions for cutting the circle, using freezer paper plus glue for the seam, and techniques on how to stitch it in. If you're curious, I have a tutorial on Inset Circles for reference.  

***** Sorry, the Benzene Ring block is unavailable at this time. ***** 

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. thank you. this is interseting. I have never heard of this before. cool learned something new today

  2. I have hundreds of Hot Pads and Pot and casserole pads because of the Orphan Block Syndrome. I really love the Benzene Block and since I have 3 baby quilts to make this week this is just screaming to be an Eye Spy. Thanks!

  3. Love the back story of the hexagon and you and your future husband! I love what you did with this block too!


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