Friday, January 21, 2022

12 FREE Heart Quilt Blocks

What would Valentine's Day be without hearts? Today I'm sharing 12 different FREE heart quilt blocks from numerous quilters. Choose your favorites or love them all!

Let's start off with the easy-to-stitch heart blocks.

Cluck Cluck Sew has a great tutorial on how to make these simple hearts, including a printable pattern for seven different sized hearts - awesome!

three different sized pink heart quilt blocks

Here's a simple heart made from squares, the Pixelated Heart from Robert Kaufman. Though shown as an entire quilt, this could easily be resized to a block.

And Heather Givens did just that for her scrappy heart block, which measures 14".

Here's instructions for a similar block, a woven heart block in 6", 9", and 12" sizes from Generations Quilt Patterns.

The same site also has a tutorial (with great cutting/size charts!) for 5", 7.5", 10', and 15" woven heart blocks. Can't beat charts for multiple sizes!

Now let's move into heart quilt blocks made with strips. First up are strips sewn vertically to make this heart from Craftsy.

The Crafty Quilter stitched her strips horizontally for an ombre heart,

while Modern Domestic placed those strips on a 45 angle to make her Take Heart block.

With a slight variation on the one above, the Love heart quilt block is created by Blend fabrics.

Last but not least are a few free heart block patterns that are a bit more complex in construction. Generations Quilt Patterns has another free pattern, this time a log cabin heart block.

Neverland Stitches also has a log cabin heart block, done with scraps,

Diary of a Quilter has a heart-in-a-heart block pattern,

and Bonjour Quilts adds to the group with a couple of her Valentine's Heart block pattern.

That's a lot of FREE heart quilt blocks to choose from! Hmm, I'm thinking I might have to make all of these for a heart sampler quilt - wouldn't that be just lovely???

Happy Quilting!

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