Friday, March 4, 2022

Clover Placemats

After seeing all of those free clover blocks last week, I decided my runner of clovers with the Irish chain border needed some friends - placemat friends that is!

I do really like the large clover tutorial from Piece and Quilt. So much so, I pulled out the remaining bits of green clover fabric,

and whipped up a few more clover blocks.

With 2" side borders to increase the width, and loading them side-by-side on the quilt frame for some quick straight line and stipple quilting - they're almost done.

To finish them up, all that's needed is some matching green binding and I've got a wonderful set of clover placemats! For fun, I made a four leaf clover as it's very own centerpiece on my table- hope it brings me good luck!

If you want to make these placemats, just follow Piece and Quilt's tutorial for the clover blocks, and add 2" side borders. Finish with matching binding.

Now the placemats are on the table, the Irish Chain runner (using the same blocks but my paper pieced border) is on the hutch,

the Lucky Clover wall hanging on the dining room wall,

and last but not least, my Clover Field runner on the coffee table.

I think I'm all set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I don't have a single St. Patrick's Day themed item as we are usually in FL during March, but Covid has kept us home for two years. Maybe if I really cracked the whip, I could get one done this week.

  2. Every one of your Clover pieces are so cute. I especially love the Clover Field Runner. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

  3. Here in Chicago, St. Pat's day is huge (not as much as before - but very grand) These will be very popular! Thanks

  4. Your placemats look so pretty. I love the Celtic chain around the table runner too.


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