Friday, March 25, 2022

Creative Cutting with Crafters Edge

Though I am no longer on the Crafters Edge design team, it doesn't mean I've stopped using the machine. It just means the pressure to produce a creative project each month is gone. I enjoyed being a member, but now with limited quilting time, I quilt when I can, and cut what I want!

If you've been following along lately, you would have noticed that I'm pretty excited that spring has arrived!

Isn't that a pretty picture? Beautiful pink blossoms and a pair of bluebirds - how I wish the bluebirds would nest in my yard again! We had such fun hearing the babies chirping outside our window in the spring of 2020, watching mom and dad bring them food, and finally having two fledge. Quite the essence of spring.

Yes, I'm excited about spring. And with all the hope and renewal that spring brings, I've got it in my head to start another flower project. This time I decided to enlist the help of my Crafters Edge Crossover II machine (affiliate link) and some circle dies.

Cutting no more than 6 fabrics at a time, several stacks of right-side-together fabric squares were run through the machine, creating ready to cut and stitch circles.

Then I continued to put the Crossover II through it's paces, cutting fusible rings to go onto those fabric circles.

To cut skinny rings like that, I used two different sized circle dies, centered with each other and held together with a bit of tape, as seen in the white circle.

That's a very useful, creative way to use those dies, right? Certainly that's an great idea for future reference!

But cutting fusible - that's requires a note of caution. I tried stacking several layers of fusible for super fast and easy cutting, just like with fabric, but ended up with a mess. Turns out that the pressure the machine exerts
 compressed all the fusible layers together, making them impossible to separate. A mess indeed!

So, back to square one, tediously cutting fusible rings one piece at a time. 

Not exactly efficient but I got what I wanted - narrow rings of fusible, saving my hands from lots of cutting! Overall, the Crossover II cutting machine did exactly what I needed, and now I can move on to making my flowers. More to come on that another day!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Interesting experiment - who would have thought but of course it makes sense. did you try layering two with the unfused side together? Might not have saved a whole lot of time. But, I am guessing the precision was worth it.


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