Friday, April 8, 2022

Hexie Project in the Works

Hooray! I am FINALLY doing something with those hexie flowers I made 2 years ago!

Thought I'd show you an in-progress picture. There's an individual hexie flower at the bottom, a hexie flower glue basted to a slightly oversized block on the left, and a finished hexie flower, stitched down, block trimmed, basting and papers removed, and finally, stitched to two sashing pieces shown at the top. Wow - that's a lot to take in!

BTW, the original Hexie Progress post is worth looking at - it has beautiful flower pictures from Thailand, one of our favorite trips, making me even more excited to finally use these flowers! It's been a goal for over a year, and a tough one for sure. 

But a stroke of genius hit the other morning - and I do love it when that happens!

Here's the back story. For some reason, I seem to be on a mission of using my scraps this year. The bins are stuffed full, making the drawers hard to close. In January, I started with red due to RSC2022, which is still an in-progress red/white quilt. Then, this March, I moved on to aqua/teal, as I have lots of scraps in that color!

So much so, that I started making 8.5" blocks and just kept going till I had 24.

Did I have a quilt plan? No. I just knew I needed at least enough for a 4 x 6 block setting, then I'd figure out the rest.

After throwing some blocks on the design wall, in both a straight set and an on-point set, I decided two things. I wanted a pale yellow background, plus some hot pink and bright green to go with these aqua/teal blocks.

That's when the genius hit - I have some hot pink hexie flowers just waiting to go on a quilt! YEAH!!

With one flower tested for stitching, trimming, and such, here's some of the others glue basted to a background block and waiting for me to stitch them down.

And that's the stage this quilt is at now. When a few more are done, I'll share the overall quilt plan. Until then, 

Happy Quilting!


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  1. It looks like you stitch through the paper to make the hexie; do you glue baste your flower to the block with the paper still in? If so, how do you get the paper out?
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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