Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Palm Leaf for August Quilt Block Mania

How about we spend some time in the jungle this month?

Yes, that's the theme for the August Quilt Block Mania block, and I've designed a Palm Leaf to set everyone in the mood! Can't you just image walking through the jungle and being tapped on the shoulder by these huge palm leaves? Of course, there's a ton of other things that may visit you - let's see what the other designers came up with.

Here's the color palette we worked from, if you would like to add supporting blocks that would coordinate with those from the designers. Nice selection, huh?

And here's the list of links for collecting those blocks this month. Be sure to thank the designers for providing blocks for a fun themed jungle quilt!

Hippo Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Emerald Tree Boa from Inflorescence
Tiger at Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Snakes, Slugs and Snails at Scrapdash
Stacked jungle animals by Appliques Quilts and More
Palm Leaf by QuiltFabrication
Margaritaville by Inquiring Quilter
Chameleon Block by BoBerry Design Co.
Monkey Business at Patti's Patckwork
Tropical Bloom
Jungle Vines
Toucan Quilt Block by Purple Daisies Quilting
Teal Gorilla by Blue Bear Quilts

As has been my designing style lately, my Palm Leaf block features easy fusible applique, perfect for the confident beginner quilter. The curves are big, so cutting and stitching are pretty easy!

A fat quarter is needed for the background, plus two greens in the same size or scraps. And don't forget the fusible web! Full-sized reversed templates plus placement guides are included in the pattern to make this finished 12" block.

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. thank you. this looks like fun. and since I am still new to applique, it will be a fun challenge. I see a pillow in my future smiles


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