Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Stethoscope for September Quilt Block Mania

This month for Quilt Block Mania, the theme is occupations with a free-for-all color palette - woohoo! With both of my sons having girlfriends who are intensive care nurses, plus having worked in the medical profession myself, I chose an instantly recognizable item - a Stethoscope.

stethoscope with a heart

As in July with the music theme and a full range of colors, this month's collection of occupational blocks go well together too.

Be sure to visit all of the block designers and thank them for their creations!

I will admit, I had trouble deciding what color to make the background on the Stethoscope block. It was a tough decision between grey and green.

Though the green adds brightness to the block, I chose the grey as it's a bit more modern, and probably will play nice with all the other designer's blocks. But when it comes down to it, you can make the background whatever color you want!

The Stethoscope block features easy applique, mostly of narrow pieces. Only the heart should have the excess fusible and background fabric removed to reduce the weight. Pretty easy!

A fat quarter is needed for the background, a bit of red for the heart and scraps for the rest plus some fusible web. The pattern also has an optional heartbeat detail, added with stitching before the chest piece is appliqued on. All of the placement guides and full-sized reversed templates are included in the pattern to make a finished 12" Stethoscope block.

** So sorry! The Stethoscope block is unavailable at this time.**

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. this is a wonderful block. it actually dates back a long ways. thanks for sharing.


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