Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Linked for February Quilt Block Mania

This month being February, the month of love, Quilt Block Mania has chosen 'connections' as its theme. And I think my Linked block fits quite well!

It's in pink to honor Valentine's Day, and features the dark pink interlinked chain for the connection part. Win Win!

This year, Quilt Block Mania has done away with the color scheme requirement which gives designers a bit more freedom in their designs. That's why there's designer blocks in different colors, which also gives you, the quilter, more choices in what colors to use in your quilt. And just look at all the blocks!

To collect this month's blocks, just follow the links to each designer's page. Some may still be free and some not - it's up to the designer.

Heart and Star
Woven Heart by Inquiring Quilter
Puzzle Block by Inflorescnece
Connected Hearts by BoBerry Design Co.
Mardi Gras Geese
Chain Link by Sugar Sand Quilt Co.
Linked by QuiltFabrication
Irish Chain
DNA by Palm Creations
Hello at Patti's Patchwork
Lover's Knot at Lovingly, Lissa
Double Hearts by Appliques Quilts and More
Key to my Heart
Connections by Penny Spool Quilts
WiFi Signal by Crafty Staci
With Love By Sew Cute And Quirky
Text Me!
Braided Love by Kaye Collins
Celtic Tree of Life By Sallys' Sewing Circle
Hearts Together Block by Sew Worthy Mama
Sunshine Village Church by Sarah Marcina
Braille Block
Left and Right Block at The (not so) Dramatic Life
Love Encircled by Jessica of Blue Sky Modern Craft
Celtic Hearts by A Piece of Quiet Quilts
Half Friendship Star with Heart by Blue Bear Quilts

Now about my Linked block. To make 1 (one) 12" x 12" finished block, just three fat quarters in any color are needed. The trick is to have those fat quarters in light, medium, and dark values - pretty simple. As for construction, that's super easy too, making this block perfect for a beginner quilter.

white, light pink and dark pink interlocked chains

For fun, it you choose to make a lot of Linked blocks for a full quilt, here's how it would look after some block rotation.

Could be an interesting quilt if different white prints and several same-value light pink prints were used. Possibly a great scrap buster!

Update: Mar 7, 2023. Times up! This block pattern is no longer unavailable. 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I agree. Thanks for sharing. This is a very pretty block.

  2. Am I wrong? Should there be 4 B dark pink 2x5 pieces instead of 2?
    Love your block. Janny Schoneveld


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