Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Peekaboo Clown for August Quilt Block Mania

For Quilt Block Mania this month, the circus is in town! And my Peekaboo Clown is peeking around the curtain, ready to get the show started! 

Clowns are just one part of a circus - take a look at all the other parts with these blocks from my fellow quilt designers:

They're free for the month - get them before they're gone!


The Peekaboo Clown pattern includes a template to print out, increasing the size by the standard 200%. There's even printer setup instructions to make enlarging super simple. Then just tape the pages together, using the REVERSE of the template for tracing, and the print side for placement. Pretty easy!

Then grab some fat quarters or scraps, fusible web, and your favorite thread to applique all the block parts. If you're new to applique, this is a great block to get started with.

Thank you for visiting though the Peekaboo Clown block is currently unavailable - I'll keep you posted when he pops out again! 

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Happy Quilting!

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