Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Gift Boxes for January Quilt Block Mania

Happy New Year! It's time to party and it just so happens 'party' is the theme for the January 2024 Quilt Block Mania! 

For me, January is my birth month, and this year is a milestone year. To help celebrate and make me feel special, I've created some Gift Boxes!

What's inside is anyone's guess though they sure are festive! Pair this block up with any of the other special party themed blocks for a very happy quilt!

Here's the list of where you can find this month's party themed freebies - get them now before they disappear! And be sure to thank the designers for their generous creativity!

Party Crown Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Party Bear by Colette Belt Designs
Folded Napkins by Patchwork Breeze
Confetti Horn by Crafty Staci
Celebrate Letters by Tamarinis
Ballons & Streamers by Appliques Quilts and More
Happy New Year by Inquiring Quilter
Fiesta Block by Ships & Violins
Sparkler by Inflorescence
Gift Boxes by QuiltFabrication
Party Glam by Patti's Patchwork
Cheers by Robin Kinley Designs
Free Disco Ball Block @ Slightly Biased Quilts
Cake by tourmaline Thyme Quilts
Fireworks by Cristy Fincher
Pinata by Flowerdog+Co
Dressed for the Occasion by Epida Studio

Gift Boxes is one of the first blocks I've put prints in the mock up display, which makes this a very cheerful block - it's just too cute! And so easy to put together - it's perfect for the beginner quilter. As usual, for one block, fat quarters are all that's needed for the 12" x 12" finished block.

The Gift Boxes block is available at Etsy - just click on the link!

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thank you for the pattern. Happy Birthday. Happy New Year. Our sons birthday is Jan 8.

  2. This is a great block. Happy Birthday.


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