Monday, June 9, 2014

ABC 123

This ABC quilt has waited for almost 3 months to be quilted, and now it's finished!  Done in primary colors,
it's my same pattern as the quilt top I used for testing an Innova machine, except that one was in pastels.
Also, there was a slight change in the design--no four patch squares in the primary one.
Here are some quilting closeups.  The background is a simple arching fill, with ruler work in the blue and yellow parts, and a swirl design for the green strips.   The Innova made those so simple!

This one also has a machine sewn binding, using a interesting technique to form the green piping. 
A Yahoo list mom suggested it, and I thought I would try it on this quilt. Certainly gave this quilt a neat finish!
Update: check out the piped binding tutorial!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Great quilts and quilting! Love the faux piping on the binding! Aren't Innova's great? I've had mine for 5.5 years and use it most every day!!!


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