Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Diamond Progress

Great news!  There is progress on the diamond scrap quilt!  I've got two afternoons of work to show off.  Here's it's current state.
Not a lot, huh?
It's been incredibly slow to put together.  Half of my time is spent figuring out how to piece this top.  Total improv piecing--there is no pattern.  But once I get one 'block' figured out, the others in the row flow pretty smoothly.

Remember, this quilt is made from small, triangular scraps
leftover from the still unfinished, at least for applique, diamond quilt (see Cutting Diamonds and Sewing Diamonds).  They are sewn down the middle to make light, medium, and dark diamonds.
To make the horizontal row, I used a small AnglePlay template to cut the pieces for the four corners.
Even though the angle wasn't quite right, I managed to rotate the piece a smidge when sewing so it worked correctly.  
Rather do that with a bit of fudge room, than spend time figuring out what size rectangle to cut!
The center diamonds were easier.  Attached a triangle to each end, and sewed a strip in the middle. 
Sounds easy, but I did have to make sure the points lined up across the row.  To do that, I used a ruler to line up the points, then made a mark in the seam allowance for where the next point needed to be.  See the arrow below.
Then pinned the point and the dot,
and the result is perfectly lined up points across the row!
And I'm totally loving the peach background fabric with the teal diamonds.  Part of the shop hop mission, besides finding black on white prints, was to purchase a background fabric for this quilt since there was nothing in my stash.  Mission accomplished on both counts!
Now to get back to sewing!  Sew, rip, repeat!
Happy Quilting!




  1. Loving it!!! You are so right, the colors are perfect together!!!!!

  2. Love your peach and teal diamonds! This would be great for a border!


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