Saturday, June 14, 2014

Howard, There's a Fox in the Chicken Coop!

Well, not really.  But if there was, I'm sure the mayhem of chickens flying all over would look something like this!
I love this quilt, and decided to name it after a family story.  My grandfather (Howard) would not give his son money to go on dates.  So, the son stole the family chickens and sold them to get some money.  The neighbors knew, but my grandfather didn't know that the fox was his own son! 

Even though there is no fox in this quilt, the chickens sure act like there is!  Here are closeups of all the crazy chicken blocks.  Love the multi-colored spinning tail in the bottom left!
And the yellow feet marching in a  circle, bottom left, or what looks like a piece of fruit in the center, bottom right.
Below, parts of heads, bodies, or tails make a variety of different blocks,
from bold designs, top right, or more delicate, flower like designs such as bottom left.
And the last two, either with the design on the edge, or more inside.  I love them all!!
For the quilting, black Glide thread outlined all the chickens, both in the border and in each block, with a loose meander in between each chicken.  I didn't want thread to obscure the pretty designs!  In the orange border, there's a chicken wire design
that continues, unbroken down the sides, and picks back up at the bottom.  
With a bit of marking, it was easy to stitch.  Chicken feed, that is pebbles, fill in the orange triangles.  They have to have something to eat!

Now to put a hanging sleeve on it, and enjoy it!

Happy Quilting!

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