Sunday, November 15, 2015

Patchwork City Month 11

Oh! Month 11 for those Patchwork City (affiliate link) blocks. Getting close! According to the Westside pattern in the book, these two would be block #11 and #24.

There are 25 blocks in this quilt, and now I have just three more to go! So close!

I guess I was in a blue mood when I put these together. But actually, I had all the other blocks on the design wall to check for color placement. I didn't want to get this far and make a block without checking what it's neighbors looked like.

Anyway, the above blocks are called Spotlight and Lobby. The center of Spotlight was paper pieced, and that little center star finishes at 1 7/8". T-I-N-Y! Remember, these blocks finish at just under 4" square.

Lobby was a bit tricky to get adjoining seams to match up, as it appears I'm a smidge off on the upper left. But I'm sure that when it's quilted, it will be fine.

So hang in there with me, just a couple more block posts, and then it's on to the quilting! I don't know about you, but I'm really excited to see the finish--it's been a long journey!

Have a great day quilting!


  1. Gorgeous. I can't believe how accurate you are with such small pieces. I could barely spot where you are off xx

  2. Very cute blocks! Looking forward to see them all together! Thanks for sharing!!


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