Friday, November 6, 2015

Patchwork City Month 9

Here's another set of blocks from Patchwork City,

(affiliate link) Museum, on the left, and Transit Center on the right. 

Museum is another one that is just not doing it for me. The pattern calls for more fabrics, but being such a tiny block and not liking the pattern, I opted to simplify it. It's okay, but just not that interesting.

Transit Center, on the other hand, I love! A very interesting, modern block, and with my choice of fabrics, this one just sings! It's a good thing the favorite and the un-favorite blocks get scattered throughout this quilt--wouldn't want a bunch of uglies in one corner!

I must confess, though, I finished all of the Patchwork City blocks last week, but will continue to show them two by two over the next couple weeks. And they all look fantastic together! I decided to finish them up so as to enter the quilt into QuiltCon. Hmm, I've got 24 days before the entry deadline.

But that will have to wait a bit, because today, the Chic Kisses quilt is on the frame. Should get that finished up by this afternoon. Yeah!

Happy Quilting!

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