Saturday, November 21, 2015

Patchwork City Month 12

I've seriously jumped ahead on the Patchwork City (affiliate link) project, as now I'm at Month 12. After this, just one more block!

Today, we have Sushi and Food Truck. Now don't those two go together?? Too bad they're in different areas of the quilt!

In the making of Sushi, I found the HexnMore ruler to be very handy for cutting the trapezoids, though the sizes had to be played with a bit. Then it was a really easy block to put together.

Food Truck was super quick--straight lines! What more could one ask for? Especially when nearing the end of a project!

Hang in there with me--just one more post to go before the big finish. I think you'll love it--I know I do!

Have an incredibly awesome weekend quilting!


  1. Love the colours and easy is always a great way to finish a project.

  2. I really like the little motif in the square! It adds a little bit of movement and cuteness to the block :) thanks for sharing!!


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