Saturday, November 28, 2015

Patchwork City Last Block and a Redo

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Everyone have their fill of turkey? Wonderful visits with family? I know I have! All of the festivities have kept me away from quilting--but nice to have a break to refresh.

Today is the last post of the Patchwork City blocks. Yeah!

This one is called Fence, and is another of my favs! Strip pieced with flip and stitch triangles, this one was fun and easy to put together, and as the last one, makes the project worth it.

These little blocks were put on the design wall halfway through, so colors weren't repeated. Wish I would have looked at that when I first started because I found an area of too much blue, with block two and three, Favorite Sweater and Streetlight. Both blocks are on the left in each picture.

Oops! One had to change, so I remade Favorite Sweater, and I like it MUCH better!

Here's all of the finished blocks on the design wall. Aren't they awesome together???

On the left, right, and bottom, I'm testing out different plum/blue shot cottons to see which works best. I think the one on the right is the winner, as it is a bit brighter than the others. But I only have a fat quarter of it (that's all the store had, darn it!), so a bit of planning is required for sashing and border treatments.

I'll be posting the finish in another week or so--hang in there for the big reveal!

Have a great weekend!


  1. these blocks work so well, patchwork city book dropped through my letterbox on friday so hope to be able to make some of the blocks but a lot of them are too complicated for me yet

  2. The new block is great and as well as the one you redid! They look amazing together: modern in an interesting and not boring way! Thanks for sharing!!


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