Sunday, December 13, 2015

Super Simple Binding

Today folks, it's all about joining binding. My process has evolved, and now it's down to such an easy process that I don't even think about it anymore! 

simple way to join binding ends

I used to be really confused about which piece went where, the angles, and which way to sew. But with this super simple way to join binding, I just pin, sew, cut, overlap, sew, and finish. No confusion whatsoever. Want to see how? Then follow along!

Prepare 2 1/2" binding strips, and fold down 2 1/2" at one end, pinning in place halfway down on the edge of the quilt.

measure back fold at beginning of binding

Start sewing the binding on approximately 6-8" below that fold.

sew six inches away from fold

Stop sewing when there's 6" to 8" left before the starting fold. That fold is at the very bottom of the picture below. 
stop sewing with an eight inches left
Remove the quilt from the machine, and smooth out the remaining binding toward the starting fold.

smooth binding to beginning fold

Cut the excess binding where it touches the starting fold. The cut is on the top piece in the picture below.

cut at fold

Unpin, and unfold both pieces.

unfolded binding for joining

Overlap them, right sides together, just as you would to join binding strips. Pin in place.

join ends

Stitch from corner on top to corner on bottom, but don't trim yet. Lay the binding against the quilt top to double check length.

check for length

Once it checks out, trim the triangle, 

trim excess fabric

press the seam open, and press the fold. Continue stitching down the binding, 

stitch remaining binding

and it's done. How fast and easy was that? No fuss, no muss! Give it a try the next time it's time to bind.

Happy Quilting!


  1. That's my favorite method too. I sometimes wondered why my great grandmother wrapped her backing around for binding have decided she didn't know how to get the binding to meet.

  2. That's exactly the way I do it...Easy Peasy. Great tutorial BTW.


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