Thursday, March 10, 2016

Removing Wrinkles

Today, it's about removing wrinkles. Everyone, at some point in their life, has to deal with them. I wish there was a miracle cure, but alas, no.

The best solution I've found is a damp towel and 5-10 minutes in the dryer.

Huh? So sorry but this isn't about how to remove those wrinkles that mar the beauty of our faces. Instead, it's softening up those hard fold lines in batting!

Today, I'm using a 100% cotton packaged batt that has sat on a shelf with other items piled on top of it. You get the idea of how heavy the fold creases are. Silly me, didn't take a picture!

So, off to the dryer, with a damp hand sized towel thrown in. Set on high heat, the two tumbled for 5-10 minutes. Upon removal, a warm, smooth, soft batt filled my arms! Immediately spreading the batt out to avoid setting in cooling wrinkles, she now looks like this:

Faint creases are all that remain of the folds. 

Now, I have to admit, I do this same technique on my husband's shirts. Usually, I leave them in too long and they get all wrinkled. Throw them back in with a damp towel for a few minutes, and I've just saved myself precious ironing time. Really, who likes to iron shirts??? (Oh, wait, my mother loves to iron sheets! Yes, sheets.)

So the next time you've got a wrinkled batt, give this a try - I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the results!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I hit it with wrinkle release from the dollar store or you can make your own. Put 1-2 tbsp fabric softner in 1 cup distilled water, mix and spray on the wrinkles. Pull and tug a little, let dry. This is great for that tough set crease on bolts of fabric.

  2. good to know but I do not have a dryer so have to just spread my batting out, I do keep it in a roll rather than folding and that helps, it works as a bolster on the spare bed as I do not have enough pillows

  3. Great idea for packaged batting - I hate dealing with those creases and crinkles. LOL - I had a friend who ironed sheets - thought she was crazy. She moved away and from time to time I wonder if she still does that.


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