Thursday, March 24, 2016

Light at the End of the Spiral

What an incredibly corny, common, and mundane title. Light at the End of the Spiral.

Thinking that this really wasn't a thing, I Googled the term, and was stunned at how many spiral images with center lights there were. Ok, so I'm not crazy after all! Maybe I just don't get out much.

But really, this is an appropriate title, as I had been working on some blocks with a lot of black in them that were really dragging me down. Funneling that dark energy into this, then stirring it around to come to lightness and the feeling that it has all worked. I felt the quilting gods smiling down upon me after finding the perfect fabric for the funnel, then a beautiful batik for the back,

and designing a simple, complimentary quilting design in minutes. One of those Zen moments of being totally involved in the experience. 

Made from 2" unfinished HST's, this finishes at 23 1/2" x 25", here are a few closeups.

See that squiggly line in the second spiral on the right? At first I thought it was a piece of thread, but no, it's in the print. Funny what the eye picks up on!

Straight line quilting, 1" apart in the green, 1/4" apart in the purple.

Now I know this isn't made with the prettiest or trending fabrics, or that the design may need more tweaking, but what's important is my experience in making it. Not only did I succeed in my HST Challenge, using up fabric scraps from Roundabout that would have been tossed, but designing something with meaning, at least for me. Now to find a place to hang it in the studio. And by the way, Roundabout was given to a dear friend who absolutely loves it.

Check out the tutorials for no mark straight lines and matching angled binding that were used on this quilt.

HST project #2 is still in the works, waiting for it's 'moment'. 

The Notan inspired piece is sewn together, but needs some playing with as I have no more background fabric. But you know me, I'll figure something out. 

Here's to your Zen moment! Have a great day quilting!

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  1. I like the quilt design very much! Nice colors and the quilting design is perfect.

  2. Spectacular quilt! And it would translate well into a bed-sized quilt, too!

  3. I like how the spiral turn out - great job. Quilt 2 reminds me of water dripping down a chime. Some people have things like this to make a pretty water sound.

  4. Yes this quilt does have a nice light to it. It's a great striking design.

  5. You came up with a very fun and modern design! I love the binding too! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!!

  6. What??? Isn't made with the prettiest, or trending fabrics???
    It's a lovely creation.... period!! AND..... you didn't "toss" the fabric scraps. (which would have been terrible)
    It's a beautifully creative small quilt.
    Kudos to you!!

  7. Bold, bright and fun! Love the texture that the quilting gives this project. A Zen moment indeed. Congrats on such a great finish.

  8. I absolutely love your spiral quilt design! Beautiful!

  9. What a stunning design and how neat that it is a bonus quilt!!


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