Monday, October 24, 2016

Testing another Applique Project

Yep, another interfacing applique project in the works.

This time it's hexie flowers, which were pieces leftover from last year's Jeweled Flower Garden quilt.

Jeweled Flower Garden quilt

I found the pieces while looking for purple backing fabric for the Unlimited quilt, thrilled there was enough to make another top. 

But this time, I thought I'd try the interfacing applique technique, with the pattern Blooming Hexagons from the Flip & Fuse Quilts book as my inspiration.

Ah, but of course, I have to be different! If you noticed in the first picture, I'm going with a saw tooth looking flower, with just one leaf on the edge.

Don't ask why. Maybe it would look more interesting than the standard hexie shape?

Still have to test it to make sure it turns okay. Once that's a go, I'll sew the other flowers together, and ready them for applique. Oh, and choose a background. So much yet to do! More to follow on Wednesday.

Have a great day quilting!

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