Monday, October 10, 2016

No Show Binding

Ready for another binding method? This time it's No -Show binding, 

No show binding on Seed Mix

for those quilts that would look fantastic if the design just went off the edge. Modern quilts, landscape quilts, and quilts that are works of art are candidates for this method. Used on Seed Mix,

Seed Mix quilt

which provided all of the demo shots for this technique, the no-show binding makes it appear that the quilting lines don't stop just because the quilt does.

There are many instructions out there for this binding method, and I chose to combine bits and pieces to do what works for me, and for this quilt. Feel free to follow along, or change it up to suit you.

For this binding, I cut 2" wide strips, WOF, and pressed over a 1/2" on one side. Wider strips, or even a strip pressed in the middle can be used, it's up to you.

no show binding strips

The strips are cut to the length of the sides of the quilt, minus 1", then stitched 1/4" from the edge on the front of the quilt, leaving 1/2" space on each end. The fold faces up.

no show binding on sides

Press the binding away from the front, and stitch again within the seam allowance, close to the edge of the quilt.

no show binding stitched in seam allowance

On  the backside, press the binding to the back making sure that the seam is showing towards the back at the edge. At the fold, hand stitch the binding to the backing.

no show binding hand stitching

Once stitched, complete the top and bottom bindings. Cut 2" strips, press a 1/2" on one side, and measure the top and bottom widths, adding 3". Cut the strips to that length. 

The corners need the batting trimmed out between the binding stitching, approximately 1/4" to 3/8" square. This eliminates bulk and allows the corners to fold over.

no show binding batting trim

no show binding corner batting trimmed

Pin the binding onto the front side for stitching as before, but turn 1 1/2" at the ends around the side edge, to the front side. Stitch through all layers.

no show binding folded around corner

Press the binding away from the front, and away from the back at the corners.

no show binding corner pressed

Stitch again in the seam allowance, through all layers, close the quilt edge. Press the binding to the back, with the seam showing towards the back, and tucking the corner pieces into place under the binding. Pin in place, and hand stitch the edge closed on the side, then continue along the fold of the binding edge.

no show binding corner pinned for stitching

Once finished, the quilt has a beautiful edge, both front and back, with no interruptions to the design on the front.

no show binding corner

no show binding edge

Give it a try on your next special quilt!


  1. Thank you perfect timing, I just finished a Christmas quilt and this binding will be the greats thing for it.

  2. This quilt is beautiful!
    I'm going to try to wrap my brain around this binding, love it!


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