Friday, November 11, 2016

Double Jumble Butterfly

After many days quilting and pattern writing, my next beauty is here! Double Jumble Butterfly.

Double Jumble Butterfly quilt

This is the sister quilt to my Double Jumble Turtle, that's why Double Jumble Butterfly. And it's just as adorable as the turtles! Both of these quilts are available as pattern downloads from my Etsy shop.

Double Jumble Turtles quilt

I'm really loving the versatility of this pattern - there's so many options in color schemes and appliques. 
The butterfly on this one is so sweet in pinks and purples.

The quilting is again a pantograph in the block area, this time Easy Peasy, with double cross hatching in the open band. Yummy!

Double Jumble Butterfly quilting

Can't forget the back on this one, since the quilting is visible. More yumminess!

Double Jumble Butterfly quilt back

The patterns for these quilts include detailed instructions, fabric color lists, and the necessary applique templates. For those who are just interested in the applique templates, those can be downloaded separately. 

As for me, I may make one or two more, that's how much I love them!

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