Monday, November 7, 2016

Double Jumble

Cheers to another finish! This time it's my own creation, Double Jumble - Turtles

a versatile pattern adorned with applique turtles. Aren't these guys adorable?

Yep, the Flip and Fuse Quilts (affiliate link) book has changed my whole perspective on applique. Now there are limitless possibilities. Not that there weren't before, but fusing with interfacing has really opened a new door in my quilting journey.

I designed this quilt with easy to piece blocks - with no seams to match - making the top come together quickly. The added band gives the appliques a place to shine. As does the quilting. In the block portions is my favorite Bluster pantograph,

and contrasting straight line stitching in the band around the turtles. 

This quilt turned out so cute, that I had to make another with a different applique. No pictures to show on that one at the moment, but it should be finished up this week. 
But the complete pattern for Double Jumble - Turtles is available in my Esty shop. The turtle appliques are also available as a separate pattern at Etsy for a quilt of your own making.

As for the flowers for Crafted Applique (affiliate link) they're still waiting their turn. Seems I've got a bit of an applique face-off going. Which technique will win?

Have a great day quilting!

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