Friday, March 26, 2021

Salt and Sand Hop!

Welcome! Thank you for visiting on my day of sharing for Just Let Me Quilt's Salt and Sand blog hop

ocean and sand picture

Usually, I have a fantastic project to show off since I'm always inspired by the themes that Carol of Just Let Me Quilt and Carla of Creatin' In the Sticks dream up. I find their hops a ton of fun!

So when the Salt and Sand hop was announced, I immediately emailed Carol, telling her I'm in, AND I had a project in mind. All I had to do was make it!

That project was a 12" block I had designed, Surfboards in the Sand, but hadn't sewn up.

three surfboards standing in the sand quilt block

This was the perfect chance!

And I should have stuck with that idea. Instead, I started down a rabbit hole of designing blocks to go with it for a complete quilt. Such a deep, deep, DEEP hole!

After spending 4 sometimes-frustrating days in front of EQ8, I showed my almost completed quilt design to my surfing/beach loving/Santa Cruz resident son, who promptly fell in love. His only request? Make it to fit a Queen size bed.

That request prompted 3 more days of designing and tweaking, leaving little time to make anything for this hop. Turns out, my original idea of including the surfboard block in the quilt was thrown out, which gave me no reason to make it.

Instead, I opted to make one of the blocks for this new beach quilt: a palm tree with sand and a separate bit of ocean. Together, they fulfill the theme of the Salt and Sand hop.

green palm tree on sand quilt block

Now I know this block is not very exciting by itself, but trust me, once I get this quilt made I'm sure there will be lots of oohs and ahs! Here's a few quilt details I can share:  it comes in three sizes, lap, twin, and queen                                                       it involves applique and paper piecing for an intermediate quilter                         it's a row quilt, containing blocks never seen on a quilt                       

When will it be done? I'm hoping within two months. I have a lot of test sewing to do, plus taking pictures and video. Fortunately, my son can wait!

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. Wow such a fun block.
    I look forward to seeing your beachy quilt

  2. I love the palm trees! Can't wait to see the rest of the quilt, Susan!

  3. A lovely first block of many to come! I look forward to seeing the rest of what you designed.

  4. I love your palm tree block, and I'm sure the rest of the quilt will be wonderful too!

  5. Oooh I’m excited about the surfboards. This would be perfect for my family.

  6. Your palm tree on the beach block is cute. I love the surfboard block idea. We always enjoyed watching the surfers ride the waves at Santa Cruz.

  7. I have really enjoyed reading about your design process. The surfboard and palm tree blocks are perfect. I will look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  8. Your palm tree block looks to be a good start on the themed quilt. Looking forward to seeing it and surfboards in the future. Thanks for sharing in the blog hop.

  9. I am so relieved to hear that you have a side of you that dives down those deep holes like I do. Whew! I thought I was the only one. LOL The palm trees are beautiful and I'm sure your quilt will be amazing when it is done. Looking forward to it!

  10. Oh, you are teasing us so. I can't wait to see. You are an amazing designer and I'm sure it will be off the charts. I think your block is so pretty and makes me want to find a palm tree.

  11. The boards are wonderful, but the palm trees are definitely beachy - or desert in my casse. =)

  12. There's nothing like going down a rabbit hole with a quilt design, but when your son asks you, you just can't refuse! Your palm tree block is wonderful, and I'll enjoy seeing the rest of your quilt as you make it. The Santa Cruz wharf and that area is one of our favorite places to visit!

  13. Oh the joy of that rabbit hole! LOL!! That's the fun of quilting though, you can twist and tweek to make it whatever you like. I'm excited to see what you come up with in the end!

  14. Love both blocks! I go down that rabbit hole all the time! Thanks for sharing!

  15. It's going to be a fabulous quilt and the surf boards as well as the palm trees, etc. will be perfect. Those holes...scary how deep they can be!

  16. Awesome palm trees to go with what I'm certain will be a fabulous quilt, Susan! We'll be looking forward to the big reveal.

  17. Isn't it fun when something we think will go quickly turns into something much bigger and much more of a time commitment. I think we all have projects in closets that speak to this. I'm excited to see this single block turn into a quilt. I hope you do circle back around to the surfboards too, that seems like a really fun block.

  18. Nice palm trees, Looks nearly like a real snapshot of the beach.

  19. The surfboards is a cute pattern but the palm trees is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the full quilt design. Thank you for sharing your story and ideas 😉 Carol

  20. Fun blocks...the one you made and the original surfing one you didn't get to make - yet. I look forward to seeing the queen size quilt - I am sure if my son requested I would be doing the same!

  21. These palm trees are fun! Sometimes projects really evolve--sounds like you have lots of sea and sand inspiration! Good luck with what sounds like a large quilt!

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