Monday, March 29, 2021

American Dream - the SAHRR Quilt

Here she is, my Stay at Home Round Robin (SAHRR) quilt, American Dream.

round robin quilt composed of different borders

Created completely by me while participating in Quilting Gail's Stay at Home Round Robin (SAHRR) 2021 quilt-along with 6 other quilters who chose blocks for each round. 

A traditional Round Robin sets up the order of quilters and their block choices, passing the quilts around in the group for each quilter's round completion. This is my second time with SAHRR, making Fiesta Garden and The Moon and the Stars last year. It's also my fourth round robin quilt, since I enjoy the process so much!

Some of my fellow quilters designed their quilts in EQ. Me? I worked with what I had, no pre-planning, which made a few rounds look a bit odd to me. If you're interested in reading about each round, and all the joys and struggles, check out these posts:

SAHRR rules

Round 1 piano keys

Round 2 cross

Round 3 flying gees

Round 4 checkerboard

Round 5 wonky stars

Round 6 log cabin

Round 7 pinwheels

What do you think of the name? I usually have a difficult time naming quilts, but this one popped into my head within seconds. With the Americana theme, the house, a couple rounds that could be interpreted as grasses of the prairie, owning a home is certainly an American Dream. This quilt represents that perfectly!

So, how about a few more pictures? The center,

house with a quilt on a laundry line

one of the corners,

red and white pinwheels on blue in a quilt's corner

and a closeup of the quilting, with the Happy Times pantograph.

Happy Times quilting pantograph on a quilt

Did I mention the size of this quilt? It's a big one, at 88" x 88". It's currently draped over the back of my living room loveseat, folded in half and still spilling off the sides! But the good news? It used up a lot of fabric, calculated at around 12.5 yards - woohoo! Just the back alone used up a ton of yardage.

red and blue quilt back

At this size, American Dream it would make a great picnic quilt. It's already looking great on the grass. Wouldn't a basket full of wine, cheese, and other goodies be perfect here? And with plenty of room leftover to sit too!

american dream quilt on the grass

I'm linking up my finish over at Quilting Gail's linky party, and if you also made a SAHRR quilt, I look forward to seeing it there. Can't wait to visit and read all about your creation!

Be sure to visit each of my fellow 6 quilters, or should I say, partners in crime!

Until our next SAHRR,

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I hadn't realized your quilt had grown so large - it looks great and would be perfect for a lazy picnic outside

  2. You married all those rounds together in an awesome quilt!! Love it.

  3. What a joyful quilt you ended up with, Susan! I really enjoyed this method of making. Thank you for participating in planning the SAHRR!

  4. American Dream is the perfect name! I love the artistic design! It will make a great picnic quilt if you can bear to sit on it!

  5. I enjoyed watching your Americana SAHRR quilt come together and the finish is great! I agree that it would make a great picnic quilt and I ❤️ the name!

  6. This is such a pretty quilt, Susan! Looks really good!

  7. This did turn into a large quilt. I really like the arrangement of the pinwheels in the last border.

  8. AWESOME!!!!! Your quilt is beautiful!!!! I love your quilt's name ... and yes, I can imagine a picnic basket and wine ... perfect!

  9. I give all my nieces and nephews large picnic quilts as a "shower" gift along with a shower curtain for under the quilt - don't want the damp grass or animal "leftovers" touching my quilts. But I think you may need a large plastic tablecloth or tarp! But it is so beautiful!!!! Thanks for the journey.

  10. This finished up so beautifully--love the name, too!! Great job on this, Sue hugs, Julierose

  11. It really turned out nice. Congratulations on a great finish!

  12. All those blues and greens make it subtle and calming.

  13. Wow, what a beautiful quilt, Susan and I love that it came together to make such a large quilt. It looks like it will be perfect for snuggling under. Congratulations on the finish!

  14. That is gorgeous! It is great how much fabric you used and how large it got. Round Robins can grow quite a bit but what a perfect specimen this one is!

  15. I love your quilt, especially the final round. Great job.

  16. Love the color placement and you did a fantastic job on your quilt!

  17. Absolutely the American Dream! How lovely! And those pinwheels are so playful and fun!

  18. Your round robin quilt turned out wonderfully, and I really appreciate all the information you shared about the different borders.

  19. Susan it’s beautiful and the name is perfect!

  20. It's gorgeous, Susan! Hopefully you'll be picnicking with that quilt soon on a warm, sunny day!

  21. Truly An American Dream, Family , food and fun. Enjoy that quilt, Great finish!

  22. Perfect name for your quilt! It came out super!!


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