Friday, August 6, 2021

Monster Truck Jam Quilt Pattern Release

Today's the day - the Monster Truck Jam quilt pattern is now out!

green orange aqua monster trucks going over dirt mounds

Who can resist this quilt for any truck lover, young or old?? It's full of trucks zooming around, ready to launch themselves off of dirt mounds!

Personally, I absolutely fell in love these monster trucks - they're just too fun! There's Piper, named for the three exhaust pipes,

green monster truck with 3 exhaust pipes

Crusher, cause I just couldn't get Orange Crush out of my head,

orange monster truck with 1 exhaust pipes

and Hatch, because this one is a hatchback.

aqua hatchback truck with 2 pipes

Want to make just one truck? All three Monster Truck blocks are available as single blocks, prefect for a small project. They finish at 15" x 11", which is a great size to sew, and to place in a special project such as a pillow. Visit my Etsy shop for Piper, Crusher, and Hatch

Joining the three individual monster truck blocks is the complete pattern for the intermediate level Monster Truck Jam, available in three sizes, crib, lap, and twin.

The 45" x 58" crib size uses a modified layout with the same trucks and dirt mounds, 

three monster trucks for a crib quilt

while the 56" x75" lap size has the same layout as the 66" x85" twin size but without the borders.

I chose to make the Monster Truck Jam twin size quilt cause it looks great on a bed. It's soooo about the trucks!

truck quilt on a twin bed

To celebrate the release of Monster Truck Jam, the full 3-size pattern is available at 25 percent off for the next week! No coupon necessary for Monster Truck Jam - sale ends Friday, August 13th.

Happy Quilting!

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