Friday, August 13, 2021

BB Plus Quilt

It's a wrap! My Block Base Plus Sew Along quilt is finished and ready to show!

colorful batik quilt with 8 different blocks

Just look at all that pretty color! I'll admit, I had very little in the way of a plan for these blocks, either in color or setting, going into this sew along. All I knew was that I wanted to use some bright batiks and the green as a background. From there, I'd just see where this went.

As each block was introduced, I'd try different colorings till I got a combination that was pleasing to the eye. I also tried to make the blocks using simple cutting and sewing techniques, which worked for some but not others. Here's a list of the blocks that I have tutorials for:

       Crows Foot/Bright Star

        Magic Cross


        Tennessee Tulip

         Star and Cross

         Empire Star

The remaining two, Joseph's Coat and #2564, were best made by paper piecing.

                                                     Joseph's Coat

For the quilting, I use a variegated thread that leaned toward green, plus the Happy Dayz pantograph. Both are perfect for this quilt!

                                                Star and Cross block

Did anyone notice the colorful quarter square blocks in the center and borders?

Those were cut and stitched together super fast with the help of my Crafters Edge quarter triangle dies. I love how the dog ears are clipped off for matching and aligning stitching ease!

And last but not least, the backing that I found in my stash. 

I had the perfect amount of this soft cotton, with just the right colors too. I'm not a huge fan of batiks as backing on large quilts. Somehow, a batik backing comes across as stiff and a bit cold. Fortunately, this fabric gives the quilt a nicer, soft, warmer feel.

And that's all for my Block Base Plus Sew Along quilt - it was fun while it lasted!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Nice job with all the different blocks and fabrics. Not sure I could have pulled that off and shy away from those type of challenges. I do think that adding those colorful borders really pulled it all together so nice.

  2. looks really nice - I have occasionally used batiks for backings but normally dont't

  3. Wow wow. Love how your separated them with the border blocks.

  4. Love the colors. The outcome is wonderful.



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