Monday, October 10, 2022

Crazy for Roosters!

I'm blaming my new block, Rooster Sunrise, for this post! When Quilt Block Mania announced the October theme as 'on the farm', chickens immediately came to mind. But sorry ladies, nothing beats the plumage of a rooster!

Though I don't have any chickens or roosters, I do enjoy a quilt with them. One of my all-time favorites is Fred, the Fugitive, made from an Ann Shaw pattern, though a quilt judge didn't get the 'break' in the chicken wire quilting.

colorful rooster on a purple background

Then there was my personal Round Robin quilt, Who Rules the Roost? featuring loosely stitched fabric strips to make straw, plus 3-D stuffed eggs.

chickens in a chicken coop

This very wild one, Howard, There's a Fox in the Chicken Coop! perfectly exemplifies what that coop would like if there were a fox in it! Fun to make, but better seen closeup!

And the newest chicken quilt to my collection is this one, the Round Robin Rooster. This quilt was actually made by 4 other guild quilters, in a traditional Round Robin style, using the second rooster panel that I had. Not to mention my extensive collection of chicken prints!

So, yes, I am a bit crazy about roosters! I can certainly see another one (or two) in my future. At least on quilts, they won't wake me up in the morning!

Rooster Sunrise quilt block is available in my Etsy shop.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to make a chicken/roster quilt. These are so cute. How could you not “get” the lack of quilting with a title like that?


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