Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rooster Sunrise for October Quilt Block Mania

Hello Quilt Friends! We're heading out to the farm this month with Quilt Block Mania!

brown and gold rooster with jewel tone tail feathers

So we can get an early start, I've got my Rooster Sunrise friend ready to belt out his song to wake us up! 

Just look at how handsome he is too - struttin' his stuff! I think all roosters know they're good looking and play it up to the ladies. Makes them hard to resist!

Ah, but a rooster can be a bit pesky! I hope Rooster Sunrise plays nice with all the others on the farm.

And here's the list of quilt block designers providing another month of free blocks. Be sure to thank them!

Tulip Farm Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Rooster Sunrise by QuiltFabrication
Farmers Daughter Quilt Block
This Little Piggy by Sugar Sand Quilts
Duck Duck Goose
Horse Play at Patti's Patchwork
How I Roll by Inquiring Quilter
Sunshine by Tamarinis
The Quilting Room
Windmill at Patchwork Breeze
Guinea Pig Quilt Block by Cristy Fincher
My Red Barn by Quiltblox
Summer Peach by Inflorescence
Red Beets by Blue Bear Quilts
Cow Block by BoBerry Design Co.
Scarecrow quilt block by Flowerdog Designs

I'll admit, I'm a bit crazy for roosters - on quilts that is! I have several rooster quilts on display in my home at the moment, as their golds, browns, and deep greens seem to fit well with late August and September colors, at least in my mind. I'll share those another day as today it's all about this ready-to-crow Rooster Sunrise!

My Rooster Sunrise block features easy applique, with very few overlapping pieces. If you look closely, you'll see that there's space between the rooster's body parts. And, as usual with a lot of my applique patterns, remove the inner portion of fusible for softness, then go one step further by trimming out the background fabric after stitching for reduced weight. Pretty easy!

Scraps work great for the rooster, though I recommend fat quarters for the background. And don't forget the fusible web! The pattern comes in four parts - just tape them together to use the reverse image for templates, and the as-printed image for applique placement to make a finished 12" Rooster Sunrise block.

The pattern includes a bonus block that follows the my block theme. I'm giving no hints as to what it looks like - you'll find it in the Rooster Sunrise listing in my Etsy shop.

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Happy Quilting!

This post updated 12-2022.

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  1. this fella is wonderful. as a farm girl (in the past) roosters did have an ego that was all their own. and yes they preened and made a noise.

  2. Hi Susan, love your patterns. I have sent you a message via messenger as I did not receive your last newsletter with the stethescope pattern and extra pattern.

  3. I don't know why I sometimes don't get your newsletter. I checked for yesterday's newsletter and I didn't get it. So please sent your Quilt block Mania block. Thank you


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