Book of the Month 2019

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                                                     December 2019
Need help choosing the right thread? Take the Ultimate Thread Guide by Becky Goldsmith along on that shopping trip. Contains charts from 14 thread manufacturers to aid in making a great choice!
The Ultimate Thread Guide by Becky Goldsmith

                                                                             November 2019
Continuing with ideas for quilting a quilt, the Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book (affiliate link) by Amanda Murphy is this month's choice.

                                        October 2019
How about some texture quilting this month, with Christina Cameli's Step by Step Texture Quilting.

                                   June thru September 2019

Working from an older book, Accent on Angles by Susan Purney Mark.

                                      May 2019

Who doesn't love Scrappy and Happy Quilts by Kate Henderson?

                                      April 2019

Two books were featured this month:
Sew Emoji by Gailen Runge.
and String Frenzy by Bonnie K. Hunter

                                 February, March 2019

This month, it's about Modern Art Quilts, by Sue Beilweiss.

                                            January 2019

The book Quilt Giving by Deborah Fisher is timely for all of the quilts I'm making for those in Paradise, CA.

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