Friday, October 6, 2017

Let It Snow Wall Hanging

Ah, the Christmas Carol Row Along is all over :(
I hope everyone enjoyed it this year, as an overwhelming amount of patterns were downloaded - this was a popular theme!

And have you started in on making the rows for your very own quilt? Maybe you're undecided which to use, or see other opportunities for the rows, like I did. 
Let It Snow is one such row that looks great as a wall hanging!

Let It Snow Wall Hanging quilt

Mr Snowman and all that snow is now simply framed to make a wall hanging for the winter!

Notice in the corners of this added border that the two strips intersect without additional seams. 

intersecting strips at the corner of the Let It Snow wall hanging

The newly updated Let It Snow pattern has detailed instructions on constructing this feature.

The adorable Mr Snowman face remains unchanged,

Mr Snowman face for Let It Snow wall hanging

though his body template has been improved for a better printing experience.

Mr Snowman for Let It Snow wall hanging

Along with the detailed border instructions, the new Let It Snow pattern also includes more detailed quilting ideas, a feature that is always helpful.

quilting on Let It Snow

He's just so happy to tell you the new Let It Snow Wall Hanging pattern is now available at Etsy.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. He's just so sweet, love the border treatment. I think it would also look great as a runner with a snowman on each end!

  2. That is so darling. I love all the quilting and special things you did to it.

  3. Fabulous! Love the quilting lines with little "snow flakes", great detail.

    P>S> I have enjoyed watching your quilting videos. Thanks!

  4. That looks so cute. It would be a perfect winter hanging.

  5. That is so creative! And the border is an amazing finishing touch! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Adorable! So cute and simple...just perfect!!!


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