Monday, October 9, 2017

Railroad Crossing Update

Last week, I shared a couple of stacks of block units for Railroad Crossing,

railroad crossing block units

one of the quilt patterns from the book Charm School (affiliate link).

And now I can share the growth of a quilt!

All of those block parts got thrown on the floor, in a somewhat even distribution so that no two fabrics occur too close to one another.

block units laid out

Then the process of filling in the blanks begins! See the pile of white squares in the lower left picture above? Those are the backs of a stack of cream prints,

charm bin

that are buried somewhere in the bin.

Why the backs? Because I wanted a more solid background for this quilt, and didn't want to cut yardage. So, by using the backside of those cream prints, I achieve the look I want and use up those charm squares - yeah!

Growing this quilt was quite fun - throwing down cream charms in a purely random manner. Some are light, some are dark, and some lean toward taupe.

the quilt is growing

Definitely got a lot of exercise with all the bending over!

charm squares and scrap block units

All total: 150 cream charm squares. Unfortunately, that's only about an inch or so in height - these things just don't go away, as there's hardly a dent in the bin.

So, I'm on a mission again to use up these squares. Quilt 1 is in the works - I'm off to sew!

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  1. My hips and knees hurt just from looking at that picture :) You did a great job distributing all those fabrics so that they are spaced about the quilt. Sometimes it can be a struggle not having the same fabric on top of itself. And love your idea of flipping the charms over to create a more muted/unified background.

  2. Lovely quilt with great color. Reminds me of ocean waves on the sandy beach. Yes I was in Santa Cruz yesterday. LOL! Great way to use those cream prints.

  3. LOVE the color combo of your scrap buster quilt!! SEW pretty. Looking forward to seeing this come together!


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