Friday, October 13, 2017

Block 10 of the Growing Up QAL

Took a break from the charm squares to put together block 10 for the Growing Up QAL.

block 10 of Growing Up QAL

Alida of Alida Tweloq Designs designed this paper pieced block, which is an easy block to learn the technique on. The block is designed using four fabrics, but once again, I modified that to fit with my red/white/blue theme.

I don't do a ton of paper piecing, though when I do, I like to use the freezer paper piecing technique, though I didn't use it here. I just love how freezer paper holds the pieces in place, and not only is there no paper to tear out of seams, but the freezer paper is reusable for a couple blocks. It's all about time savings and less work!

Anyway, there's another trick I've picked up about matching seams when sewing paper pieced part A to part B. Not only do I use this when paper piecing, but for any other tricky seam matchup, such as those pesky angled seams in diamonds. It has saved me a ton of frustration!

So what's the trick? Match up the seams, secure with a pin if necessary, and here's the secret - use a long stitch length to take just a few stitches at the seam.

long stitches for seam matching in paper piecing

The above picture is where the red meets white in QAL block. The below picture is where white meets blue.

second seam matchup in paper piecing

Just needs a few stitches to check the seam matchup accuracy. Let's open it up an have a look.

Here's the red to white. Maybe a bit off, but still forms a nice point.

red point seam match

And where the white meets blue looks pretty good.

blue white seam match

I'm pretty pleased with those matchups, and will now sew the entire seam. If I wasn't pleased, those few stitches would get ripped out, and I'd try again until the seams matched perfectly.

After the entire seam is sewn at a normal stitch length, the seam looks great!

closeup of seam matches for quilt block

And that's the beauty of taking these few, large stitches. No need to rip out the entire seam length, nor little, tiny stitches. I've managed to avoid a ton of frustration matching these seams.

So the next time you need to match up any tricky seam, think about those few, longer stitches to test the match - they'll make you're sewing time more enjoyable.

Happy Quilting - really!

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  1. I don't enjoy reverse stitching so have been using the long stitch method for awhile.

  2. Absolutely sharp and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your tips on getting amazing points!


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