Sunday, June 6, 2021

Email Delivery - Heads Up!

A few weeks ago, the internet and a lot of quilting blogs were all abuzz over Google discontinuing Feedburner, their in-house email subscription service. This service provided direct delivery of new blog posts to your inbox, once a follower signed up and opted-in via an email address.

After exploring a few options, I have decided to move my QuiltFabrication email subscription service to for direct delivery of blog posts to your inbox.

From Feedburner, an email would look something like this in your inbox, so you knew immediately which blogger it was from, as seen on the left side.


What you'll now see in your inbox looks like this:


Notice on the left it says ''. Not quite the instant blog recognition as before, but I hope everyone realizes this is just the new blog post delivery system. 

Long time followers from Feedburner would have seen the switch around June 4, when two copies of my latest blog post landed in your inbox. Of course, one was listed as from QuiltFabrication, the other from I'm truly sorry if the duplication was annoying, as some may find with this post too as it's also going through both services.

Which brings me to the most important part of this message. This is the last post that you will receive via Feedburner. 

Most of you will continue to receive posts via email, hardly noticing the switch, except the email is from Unfortunately, 10 percent of emails could not be verified and therefore won't receive QuiltFabrication posts anymore.

If you notice you haven't heard me this coming Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, please re-sign up via (in the box below) to continue to have posts delivered to your inbox.

Just so you know, the service is FREE. It does not cost you anything to have posts delivered to your inbox. Users of can browse their directory to find other blogs and news feeds to follow.

And users of the service can choose how they want to the news delivered: as individual post emails, one email a day with a snapshot of all new posts for the day, or reading through the site itself.

Sign up below so you don't miss a thing! 

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Well I tried to follow the instructions for getting the Follow it button on my blog. I got the html code, but after that I had no idea where to paste it. The instructions are not clear at all on Follow it. So Susan, is there any easy explanation on where I am supposed to paste the code on my blog? Thanks if you can help at all. If not, I guess I won't be having any email subscribers except for Bloglovin', since I have had that on my blog for years.

  2. Hi Susan,
    You might want to contact Barbara (threecatranch at gmail dot com). She blogs at and has been using for a few weeks. Her blog emails show as coming from Catpatches and her blog title and content show up in the email. Once you click the title, you go to the blog where people can leave comments. I'm sure she would be happy to explain how she did it.

  3. Oops. Barbara's email is threecatsranch at gmail dot com. I left out the "s". Pat

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