Monday, June 7, 2021

Patriot Table Runner

Presenting my newest red, white and blue themed table runner, Patriot.

red and white stripes with stars in a blue square


I usually get in the mood for seasonal/holiday items a few weeks before the time arrives, which, from a quilting standpoint, is all wrong. If I were really in tune with such things, Christmas items are created in July (which I have a really hard time with), and supposedly patriotic items at Christmas. This way, quilters have plenty of time to make the project for the upcoming holiday, 6 months away.

This past year, I thought I'd get a jump on the seasons, attempting to adhere to that timeline that gives everyone lots of time to finish the project, creating the Four Star Salute runner in February. Then, bam! some holiday rolls around, and I get in the mood to create for that holiday, slipping back into my old ways. Lucky Clover is the result of that this year. 

Okay, so why fight it? With all the patriotic prints in the stores, the patriotism on Memorial Day, and the upcoming Flag Day plus Fourth of July - put all together and they provide the inspiration for the Patriot runner creation.

I showed off my fabric pull last week, 

red white and blue fabrics with star cutting dies

excited to also use the Crafters Edge star dies, 

and within a few hours, the Patriot runner was ready for quilting. Yes, it was that fast! I just love projects that are super quick and easy with great results!

red white and blue table runner

I kept the quilting simple on this. Lines in the stripes, outlines around the stars, and a crossover triangle fill in the blue square, keeping everything around the same density so it lays flat. Definitely something that could easily be quilted on a home machine.

white and red stars on a blue background

Hmm, now I have 5 patriotic runners to spread around the house for the next 6-8 weeks. Patriotic WaveUnited, SaluteFour Star Salute,

4 red white and blue table runners

and now Patriot - I love all that red, white and blue!

red and white stripes with stars

As with the others, the pattern for the Patriot table runner is available through June 15 at the special launch price of $5, just in time for Flag Day and the Fourth of July. And of course, Memorial Day next year!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Ohhhh I like it!!! How beautiful!! and right? just roll with it and take advantage of your creativity ;-)

  2. Love all of your patriotic projects!

  3. Love your fabric and your beautiful projects, Susan! The nested stars are perfect for this runner!

  4. Another winner in the patriotic table runner category. It's great.

  5. Another fun table runner. Is there a better color combination than red, white and blue?


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